Why Has Anti-Social Behaviour Dropped by 31%?

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the latest crime figures.

Over the last year, anti-social behaviour in Barton has dropped by 31%.

Thirty one per cent.

Compared to a 5% drop in anti-social behaviour across Oxford as a whole, that’s massive!

And it’s all because more and more young people are choosing to make good choices that are having a positive impact on themselves, and on their community.


When the Thrive team moved into Barton in 2010 to live in the community, about half of the estate was listed as being in the top 10% of the worst places for crime in all of England. Barton has sadly been a community where crime has found a home.

But what we believe we’re seeing now, is a culture shift.

The young people in their late teens and early twenties, those who are on first name terms with the local police, are growing up and growing out of their behaviours. This is the case in tough estates like Barton right across the country: young people who once caused havoc in their community mellow with age.

But what usually happens, is that a new generation of young people grow up to take their place. So levels of crime stay around the same, or even increase.

But it seems like the opposite is happening in Barton.


We’re finding that young people aged 10-14 are not choosing to follow the path that perhaps once seemed inevitable for them. Instead, they’re choosing to make positive decisions with their lives.

They’re staying in school. They’re removing themselves from unhelpful situations. They’re choosing to follow positive role models. And they’re choosing to become these role models for others.

And with every small, everyday, seemingly insignificant decision that takes them in a positive direction, they’re leading Barton to free itself of its bad reputation.


Thrive are blessed to be helping young people in an environment where the Police and other agencies work together towards the shared goal of making Barton a better place to live and grow up in.

It takes years of ongoing investment and strong partnerships to see young people lead positive change like we’re seeing happen in Barton. Which is why we can’t wait to get started with a second Thrive team in a new estate!

On Monday, Sarah Anthony started work as our new Thrive Director. She’ll lead the launch and growth of new Thrive teams in new places like Barton, equipping more young people to bring hope and lead change in their own communities.

It’s an exciting chapter in the Thrive story.

And we’d love you to be a part of writing it.

Giving monthly gifts, Thrive Champions have made it possible for young people to begin to shift the culture in Barton.

Imagine if together we could help more young people bring change to more disadvantaged communities.

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p.s. We still have some tickets left for the Thrive Young Achievers Dinner on Saturday 27 September 2014. Come and celebrate the achievements of these amazing young people who are changing the culture in Barton.

What others are saying about Thrive

“All Thrive staff who work in Barton also live in Barton so this gives a real sense of embracing the young people they work with, some of whom will be those most socially excluded from everything else that takes place locally. Their Young Leaders, Mentoring and Outreach projects have seen some amazing results and they have succeeded where others before them have failed.”

Sue Holden, Company Secretary, Barton Community Association