The House That Morgan Built

We could tell you the story of the young person from Barton who defied the odds to fulfill an unlikely dream.

ThisistheHouse3(1200x1200)We could tell you the story of this teenager who got his first ever passport and went to the Philippines to build a house this summer, saying to himself, ‘If I can change someone’s life forever on the other side of the world, then I know I can definitely change my own.’

Or, we could let him tell you himself.

Click here to watch Morgan’s video

Watch Morgan build a house for a family in Philippines, and see how his confidence grows.

And join us in celebrating this amazing young lad who proves that every single young person, no matter what their circumstances are, has an amazing God-given potential to flourish.

What others are saying about Thrive

"Thrive are amazing. They're really good at helping children here with difficult stuff in their lives. They've been brilliant with my kids."

Sharon, Mum