Nothing Is Impossible

This is the photo that proves that nothing is impossible.

This is the photo that proves that there is no ceiling on a young person’s potential, no matter what their circumstances or background.

This is the photo that can inspire countless young people, from Barton and beyond.

Because for the last thPhotoThatProoves(1200x1200)ree years, Morgan (pictured, on the left) has had a dream to build a house for a family living in poverty in the Philippines. It’s not the kind of thing that some people might expect from a young person growing up in Barton.

But yesterday morning, thanks to amazing supporters like you, Morgan and Courtney (another young person from Barton who he’s inspired) landed in Cebu in the Philippines.

Over the next fortnight, they are going to build a new house for a family who have been living without shelter in the slums – a house that is fit for purpose.

Morgan has always said, ‘If I can change someone’s life forever on the other side of the world, then I know I can definitely change my own.’


It’s been such a privilege for us to see the transformation in Morgan’s life since we met him over three years ago. Back then, he was dealing with a difficult time in life through a computer-game obsession. That’s part of the reason he was referred to Thrive, and Jem (pictured, on the right) began to mentor him.

Since then, Morgan’s become more sociable, grown in confidence, started his own mini-business, won a county-wide Inspiring Entrepreneur award, completed his GCSEs (he’s predicted an A* in Maths), passed his passport interview (phew!), helped raise enough money to get himself to the Philippines, and inspired Courtney to do the same.

Not bad for a young person who once told Jem, “I’m never going to do anything with my life … I’m obviously going to be a failure.”


We would love you to be praying for Morgan and Courtney over the next two weeks as they build a house for a Filipino family living in the slums.

And, if you want to send them a message of encouragement, we can pass it straight onto them for you. Just send an email to

What others are saying about Thrive

“All Thrive staff who work in Barton also live in Barton so this gives a real sense of embracing the young people they work with, some of whom will be those most socially excluded from everything else that takes place locally. Their Young Leaders, Mentoring and Outreach projects have seen some amazing results and they have succeeded where others before them have failed.”

Sue Holden, Company Secretary, Barton Community Association