Thea Wants to See Change in Barton

Thea (19) has become more confident and less angry, and is now being a part of the change that is happening in Barton

Our Self Esteem Group on the BBC

The BBC reported on our self-esteem group were teenage girls have grown in confidence and better understand what true beauty is.

Hannah is Seeing Change Up Close

Thrive Barton volunteers gave 2,000 hours last year to helping young people experience hope and lasting change. Meet one of them.

30 Diners Enjoy Morgan’s Catering Business

When we first met Morgan, 14, he was obsessed with video games. Now, he's launched his own business venture!

Dylan Keeps on Reaching his Goals

Kicked out of school, Dylan turned to a Thrive mentor to help him deal with his anger better

Josh Turns his Back on Crime

“There are three categories of robbers in Barton," says Josh. "Those who rob bikes, those who rob cars and those who rob houses. I was in all three.”

What are you worth?

Young girls in Barton are placing a higher value on themselves, and on those around them as well.

Young people from Barton are flavour of the month

See the photos and videos from the 2012 Allotment Dinner