The Power of a Mentor

Many young people in Barton see their lives as a script already written. But mentoring gave Skye the confidence and direction to bring about change.

Chelsea Wins the Inspiring Leadership Award

We believe that young people like Chelsea are the ones who are best placed to bring long-term change in Barton.

Last Chance to Get Your Young Achievers Dinner Tickets

We’ve loved seeing young people from Barton enjoying working hard over the last few months, preparing your dinner.

Why Has Anti-Social Behaviour Dropped by 31%?

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the latest crime figures. Over the last year, anti-social behaviour in Barton has dropped by 31%.

Josh is Aspiring to Change

If there’s one thing that young people in Barton need, it’s consistent positive role models in their lives. That’s why we we want to see the young people like Josh become role models here in their own community.

How Long Does Change Take?

In all the time we’ve been living in Barton, we’ve seen lots of positive changes take place in the lives of the young people here. But sometimes it can feel like one step forward, and two steps back. And we can end up asking ourselves, why is change taking so long to happen?

New Self Esteem Group to Launch

"Many of the girls on Barton don’t think that they’re important, But they are. And we’re desperate for them to know that."

Young People in Barton are Dreaming Big for 2014

Young people in Barton are setting ambitious goals for their New Years' resolutions