‘You make me feel loved’

For the first six months she came to church, Jo didn’t smile. Now she says, ‘This church is like family to me.’

Matthew’s Story

Meet Matthew and Matt from South Abingdon, and learn how finding someone who believes in him has helped Matthew flourish beyond all expectation

‘Knock Knock’

Living in the community brings credibility, opportunity – and challenge.​

Ben’s New Adventure

Before this summer, Ben had only been to church once. Then a friend invited him to church camp.

Devon’s Story

When we first met Devon, he lacked confidence. Now other young people look up to him.

Young Achievers Dinner

Join us on Saturday 14 October to celebrate the achievements of young people from Barton, Blackbird Leys and South Abingdon

Third Thrive Team Launches in South Abingdon

Supporters like you are helping young people in South Abingdon to reach their potential and bring hope to their community.

Courtney Wins Perseverance Award

Discover why Courtney won the Perseverance Award at the Thrive Young Achievers Dinner