Do You See Potential Where Others Don’t?

Two Thursdays ago, my wife and I went to Nando’s with two young people from Barton who we’re mentoring.

The girl Debs meets up with was recently suspended from school for taking an argument one step too far. And the boy I’m starting to mentor is being sent home by his school every day after lunchtime because of his behaviour.

Like so many of the young people we’ve met in the last five years, these two are often written off and ignored.

But Thrive see potential where others don’t.

We see the energy, passion and creativity of these two young people, and we believe that they have just as much potential as anyone else.

Will you give £25, £50 or £75 this Christmas to show that you believe in them too?

When we ran our pilot Young Leaders programme last year, we did so with seven young people. Five of them had left school but hadn’t got jobs or started college. It seemed that no one expected much from them.

But do you know what, by the end of the programme, three of these young people had got a job or started college. Each of them worked hard to launch their own Kids Club that reached 72 children. And during the year that their Kids Club ran, Police reported a 31% drop in anti-social behaviour in Barton.

Like I said, we see potential where others don’t.

When we launched back in 2010, two of Barton’s three neighbourhood areas were among the worst 10% in England and Wales for crime.

Guess how many of those three areas are in that bottom 10% today?


Thanks to our supporters, we’re seeing young people bring hope and lasting change in their own community.

But there’s still plenty to do. We know three young people who received ASBOs for stealing, aged just 9-years-old.

That’s why we want to start a new and improved Young Leaders programme next month. Because we believe that young people – like the two my wife and I mentor – have the potential to transform this community.

We want to give eight young people the skills, confidence and resources to launch their own community project and be positive role models who inspire others.

But we don’t yet have all the resources we need to make it happen.

As it stands, we need £5,000 more to launch the programme.

A Trust has generously offered to double every £1 given before 31 December, until we hit this target.

Would you give £50, £75 or even £25 today to help make this happen?

With your help, we can start a new Young Leaders programme next month and see these young people equipped to bring hope and lasting change here.

Please click here to make a donation or send a cheque to Thrive, Meridian House, Sandy Lane West, Littlemore, Oxford, OX4 6LB.

Thank you,

– Robin
Development Manager

p.s. I hope that the two young people I took to Nando’s will be a part of the Young Leaders programme next month. I would love to tell them that you’ve made it possible for them. Please give today.

What others are saying about Thrive

“Working together, we’ve been able to bring hope to young people with low aspirations, with positive role models and mentoring, to help them develop and grow.”

Andrew Longmore, Pastor, Leys Communty Church