A key part of our approach is partnering with a local church. In fact, we won’t launch a Thrive Teams team without it.

Our partnership with a local church helps meet the needs of wider families (e.g. debt support) and provides appropriate support for the young people we’re investing in as they become adults.

Thrive Teams seek to build the church’s long-term capacity to engage local young people in ways that are relevant for its context.

A Thrive Teams church partner will provide a pool of volunteers and finances to provide a level of sustainability which is vital so that we can make a long term commitment to young people.


We are looking for churches with a passion for a disadvantaged community near them and a desire to see young peoples’ lives changed, so that we can start new Thrive Teams teams and see more communities changed for good through the service of young leaders.

You will be within an hour of Oxford and be willing to invest time, finances and prayer, as well as help with the governance and oversight of a Thrive Teams team.

This is a long term commitment. So let’s start with a conversation.

‘What the Thrive Teams team has brought to the church plant in Barton has been foundational to what has been achieved. Their work with young people has established a network of relationships that have involved young people in the new church and given us contact with whole family groupings.’ – James Bloice Smith, Senior Minister, Headington Baptist Church


There are other ways you can support the work of Thrive Teams as a church. And there are ways that Thrive Teams can inspire and encourage you in your mission on your doorstep.

Contact Mary Smith on 01865 788355 or at to book a Thrive Teams speaker to inspire your church.

What others are saying about Thrive

“All Thrive staff who work in Barton also live in Barton so this gives a real sense of embracing the young people they work with, some of whom will be those most socially excluded from everything else that takes place locally. Their Young Leaders, Mentoring and Outreach projects have seen some amazing results and they have succeeded where others before them have failed.”

Sue Holden, Company Secretary, Barton Community Association