30 Diners Enjoy Morgan’s Catering Business

When we first met Morgan, 14, he was obsessed with video games.

As soon as he got home from school, he would play for 12 hours straight until 4am in the morning.

Morgan used school as a place to catch up on sleep!

MorganJem(1200x1200)Social Services working in Barton asked us to provide Morgan with a Thrive Mentor to act as a positive role model. So Jem began to meet with him every week and help him set his own goals.

It became clear that Morgan’s obsession with video games was a reaction to his difficult family situation.

“I just played them because I was fed up with life,” he says.

Jem helped him Morgan set and work towards his own goals. And he began to play video games less; imposing on himself a 9pm cut off and sticking to it.

Morgan even talked about his dream to one day have his own business and be a ‘millionaire’.

Things seemed to be going well.

But one day when Jem asked Morgan what his plans were for the future, he reacted defensively; “Leave me alone. It’s obvious I’m never going to do anything with my life. No one in my family has a job. It’s obvious I’m going to be a failure.”

His millionaire boast suddenly rang hollow. Morgan didn’t feel it matched up to his reality, growing up on an estate where unemployment is a daily struggle for many.

So Jem listened. And asked questions. And then he asked Morgan to think of business ideas that he could implement, not in the distant future, but now.

Slowly, Morgan started to suggest a few possibilities. This soon snowballed into some cracking ideas for a catering business. And they planned their next steps.

30-Dinners(1200x1200)So earlier this month Morgan ran his first business venture.

He took control of Headington Baptist Church and along with Jem and some musicians, laid on a Mexican restaurant for 30 people,, at £10 per head.

But unusually for a 14 year old, Morgan doesn’t want to use the profits purely for himself. As he met with Jem, he started to ask how he could use this money to help others. Together they looked at some options and set an ambitious goal that he could work towards.

Morgan wants to go to the Philippines and build a house there for a homeless family. So he’s using the profits from the meal to pursue his goal.

And he’s got more ideas too. Over the next few months he’s going to be making and selling cakes, providing working lunches and already Jem and him have been booked to cater a wedding this summer!

If you live in or near Oxford, and would like to make the most of Morgan’s business venture and help him reach his goal, contact Jem via

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